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Included in the listing found in our database are thousands of Bank REO Properties that are ripe for the picking. Banks tend to sell these properties as quickly as possible and will do so at a loss of income to themselves.

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US REO Properties (Real Estate Owned Properties) is an industry leader in real estate foreclosure listings. It gives you access to over 1.8 million REO Houses and bank REO properties. The most cost effective way to purchase a home in today's market is through searching for foreclosures. These homes are much cheaper than those you will find in the general market. Whether your buying a home for personal use or are looking to get started in the real estate business, REO Properties is the perfect place to start.

Many times homeowners find themselves in over their heads when purchasing a new home. If they have taken out a loan from the bank and are unable to make their payment on time, their home will be turned over to the bank. Once the bank has possession of the house, they will put it on the market for auction or sale. These types of properties immediately become REO Properties and are considered a great steal.

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Latest Real Estate Market News

» Gloomy Mood About the World Economy at the Business and Financial Annual Meet in Italy

A mood of gloom dominated the meeting of world financial heads in Italy. America seems to be poised for another recession while the euro zone is set to be fractured with the exiting of some countries. It will impact on the world economy and the system. The hope is the growth figures in the emerging markets.

» 99 Percent Power Court Arrests Protesting Against Foreclosures and Other Wrong Policies of Wells Fargo

Last year the Sacramento Occupy group joined the international movement and demonstrated for many weeks in downtown Cesar Chavez Park. In their latest move the have been joined by unions and the clergy. They targeted the shareholders meeting of Wells Fargo. Many have been arrested.

» Victory for Protestors as Petaluma City Responds to Their Suggestion and Asks Lenders to Halt Foreclosures During Holiday Season

The Occupy movement in Petaluma City, California is part of the pan American Occupy movement but with a difference. Elsewhere there is a mood of confrontation between the activists and the city authorities but here the council was persuaded by them to ask the banks to stop foreclosures during holiday season.

» Countrywide Compensation for those Wrongly Foreclosed Upon Not Reaching all Victims

With much fanfare a settlement had been reached with Countrywide in 2008 to help troubled homeowners facing foreclosure weighed down with sub-prime mortgages. Unfortunately many have not benefited. Despite tall claims by Countrywide and its parent bank BofA experts contend that the figures have been fudged.

» Tribes are Turning Away From Casino Earnings to Harness Energy From the Sun, Water and Land

Indian tribes get grants from the federal and state governments – the target being to see that they become self-sufficient. Even before the downturn the unemployment in two tribes was over 60%. The downturn has made the tribes aware that they cannot rely only on one source for development like casinos but diversify their activities.

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